Hello World!

This post was originally posted on September 15,2014 at horse–feathers.blogspot.com

This is the last time I am saying this.For real.

Hello world and welcome to my first post.

So what is Horse feathers about and why should you–my fellow…eh…..person, read my blog.

Let start with some background here. I like horses. Hence the horse on my header. Another thing I like is writing and reading. Hence the quill and book heart thingamabob on the header.

I will be blogging  mainly about those two things but I’ll also blog about ,blogging, tutorials,random stuff and my life on a small farm.

What! I live on a farm!? I also live in a large family and I am a home-schooler.


You must be thinking I am the strangest person on the entire planet but please bear with my and my ehem…ramblings. (:

I will for certain blog at least trice a week Novel Monday,Tutorial Tuesday and Friday Farm Day whatever you wanna call it. And if any thing happens then I will also blog about that as well because why not!




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