My three favorite books

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Hi everyone. So this is my  first booky blog post. Yah. (:

These books are books that I really love and recommend to people but if you don’t like them then you just don’t. So lets get started

Number 1: The Redwall Series 

By Brian Jacques

I don’t have the whole Redwall Series. I only have eleven out of twenty two.

The ones above are my favorites: Martin the Warrior,The Traggerung(This one is my most favorite),Mattimeo and Redwall.

The books is a fantasy series with anthropomorphic characters (animals with human like qualities). 

It is quite hard to say what the series is about because each book has a different story line. But basically it is the history of Redwall Abby. Because of that, I was thinking of doing a book review series with these books. So stay tuned for more info (or post) coming soon.

Number 2: The Swipe Series

By Evan Angler

These books are my first dystopian books (And my only at the moment) and so far I like the genre. All the books except Spark ( Well Logan is still in it but he is not the MC) follow the story of guy(Or a kids because in the first books he’s twelve going to turn thirteen,second and third book he’s thirteen and in the last book he is sixteen) named Logan Langley.In the books it is at the ends times in a biblical perspective. One thing I love about these books is that there is always a huge plot twist that you don’t even see coming until the end. You think this but then it flips around and…

it’s just awesome.The author,Evan Angler, says that there is going to be *two more books in the series* and I am dying to get them.There are so many things that need to be tied up and fixed and UGG I need the next books. But I can wait. I now how long and hard it is to write a book…

Number 4:Against the tide 

By Hope Irvin Marston

So this book is in a series called chosen daughter but I only want to cover this book and not the whole series. This book is the only book in the whole wide world were I almost cried at the end.

It is a real life historical book about a covenanter in Scotland. It’s a really good story and I love how she grows in her character in the book. The ending is sad but I think that what makes it on my list because it just makes the story a lot richer because  you fall in love with her and then…sadness. I’m trying not to give you any spoilers d:.

So that is my top 3 favorite books. (: Well more like my top three favorite series and a book.


P.S You guys have now idea how long it took me to make the collages.

P.P.S *Link to a interview with Evan Angler about the series so you know I’m not lying.


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