Welcome to the farm!

This post was originally posted on Septmber 17, 2014 at horse–feathers.blogspot.com

Hi every human! So today is going to be a pic-fest post. So millons of photos.

Let’s get started.

Let’s began with the oldest to the farm.

This is Princess. She is a year old and we got her from the SPCA September 2013. We got her becase we had mice in the house but she thought they were pets. She is a good hunter and she will get the mice outside but not inside. But we still love her.

Most of are ducks are unnamed. We got 21 White layers from Mezter Farm in the beginning of October 2013. We raised them in our laundry room until they where big enough to got outside

Along with the white layers we also got five Pekins(The red arrow is pointing to one of the Pekin in the picture). Thease ducks are quite fat and can be used for meat. We are down to only two pekins now and they are going to be buchered. We named them Ms.Fat and Ms.Mcdonald.

And last of all,Along with the white layers and pekins,we got a mallard couple. The boy is named Ducky (Blame my brother) and Lydia(I named her by the way (; ).

We incubated some mallard eggs and a couple of white layer eggs,alltogther 11 eggs. In the beginning of June 2014, five of the eggs hatched, four of the mallard eggs and one white layer egg.

Speckles is the White Layer/Mallard Cross and the girls names are Hailey,Muffins (My brother again) and Blue.

And the goats. We got the three of them at the end of Augest 2014 and the baby on the left we got her a week ago. (And one three days. Details)

 This is Ellie our milk goat. She is a Saanen and she is five to six years old. She is the herd queen but she is the most obedient of all of our goats.

 Button is a toggenbrug/saanen cross. Ellie is her mother. She is going to be bred this fall. We are taking a bit of a risk as toggenburgs are known for goater milk but Ellie has the most yummiest milk on the entire plant so we are just going to see how her milk is.

And this is Portabello aka Porty aka Porto. He is a wether that the old owner bought at a petting zoo. He is an escape artist but I think we got all of his escape areas gone. I hope

This is the cutest goat in the world! Bunny is a Nubian with some Saaenan blood in her. She is three months and is the cutest thing. I mean just look at those floppy ears!

Now we did get the muscovy before Bunny but I wanted all the goats together on my post.

The musovies are around three to four months. They aren’t laying yet but they should be soon. We named them Aqua and Anna. Their only Difference is that Anna has a white spot on her tail and Aqua does not.

This week we also got ten white layers that are laying. I don’t no how old they are I think they are around five to seven mounths.

So thats are farm. The grand total is Four goats,Two Pekins,Twenty-four White Layers,Seven Mallards,Two musovies and One Cat equals….*clicks on the calculator app on the computer* FORTY ANIMALS ALL TOGETHER!. And a year ago we had no anmails. Zilth.Nada. And a year later BOOM. FOURTY ANMAILS. I THINK MY CAPS LOCK KEY BROKe or maybe not. hee hee.




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