Why I write what I write

This post was originally posted on September 24, 2014 at horse–feathers.blogspot.com

 I like all sorts of books. YA contemporary,YA fantasy,Classics,Non-Fiction (Depends on the topic) and out of all of those genres. I chose to write YA contemporary. Why you ask? Cause I just did. End of post! Just kidding.


Some people have a theme when they write.  My theme is this.

I show this character. S/he is not prefect but s/he has a lot of potential deep down.I want to bring my character to that potential. Show her/him to my readers at point A and then bring her/him to point B. Major Character deployment. 

I am not a perfect writer. I have big ideas but I may not have the best writing skill. I still have stuff to work on.  Such as,I am good at writing my MC  at point A and when s/he is at point B but I have trouble about bringing them there. And that’s the most important part (:


Writer Lingo

MC= Main Charcter

WIP=Work in Progress


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