NaNoWriMo Update! Day fourteen/14



So I actually haven’t written today yet (other then this post) So I am more recapping.

Let’s get started.


So how’s NaNo going? It’s going okay. I’m one-third done. YAH!



Yep. I’m am suppose to have 14,000 words but I’ll get to that. Eventually

Don’t listen to it


I haven’t got writers block and hopefully I never will! But what I have been realizing is I’ve been dragging the story. Oh no!!

Now you guys are probably wanting a snippet (I probably would.)

Mom didn’t say anything so I went up the stairs to my room. I lean on the closed door.

No. I am not going to cry.

I don’t know how long I stood their but is most have been awhile when Mom knocked on the door.


I sat on the bed and said dully “Yes mom.”

Even though her voice was slight muffled she still sounded hurt “I’m…I’m going to the store to pick up some groceries. You won’t go riding—”

“I won’t.” I stare at the little bit of paint that came of the wall “I’m a smart girl.”

She pause before saying “Yes. Good bye dear. Love you.”

I didn’t say anything. She must of been excepting on because I din’t hear her shoes clicking for a couple seconds, Then the door creaking open and banging shut.

I sat there. Just thinking.

The attic. All the answer’s are in the attic. I just know it.

Now don’t worry you peple who are stalking me,I’ll have a longer post hopefully tomrrow


Close down tabs quickly and opens up Scrivener




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