I’m still alive! aka NaNoWriMo Update: Day 25


Yes people. I have not sunk into a black abyss of nothingness. I am still alive and blogging!



So I know I was suppose to put up a post on the 15th but it didn’t quite work out how I wished. Blame NaNo.

In case you guys don’t know I am partaking in the YWP not the 50K NaNoWriMo because this is my first time.


Well you better,kitty cat!


How am I doing you ask?


I think I’m going to make it. But let’s recap.

When the 15th came I was only 1,000 words from my needed wordcount. Pretty good. Then I got sick. And I kinda didn’t write for er…fiveish days.


So on the 20th,I found my word count still at 14k.

So know I am writing 2,000 words a day and slowly catching up. Now I only have 10,000 words left on my novel! Well 9995 words but come on! Details. shesh. (That was my little brother telling me that)

And just because here is a snippet of my NaNo novel A Long hike. Remember first draft with little editing. Get that in your head.

“This look’s sorta familiar.” Palmer said

“Dude.your Australian. you’ve never been here. Mate.” I started to chuckle. “Get it. Mate. Ha.”

Palmer grumbled “Hey that ain’t nice.eh?”  Palmer started to imitate me “Get it,Eh?”

“You to are such idiots,mates,” Raven said “But I bet you don’t even know that,eh?”

We all start laughing while trying to keep our horses on the path.

There yeah go. I should post more posts in December. (Early Christmas presents!)


So comment,like, follow (*wink*) ,and I’ll hopefully post a NaNo victory post soon!


P.S. And thank you nevillegirl for being my first ever follower! *Gives you chocolate* That made my day. (:



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