Books and Blogging and New Year, Oh My!



I’m back from the holidays!

I suppose in my title I could have just said Update, but that would of been boring.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas and whatnot. I’m missing the holidays already.

As you wish kitty!

This year was a good year. I started reading YA, I started Horse-Feathers, I actually have real people following me and my ramblings!


Ah yes. Good year. I can hardly believe how fast it went!

How did my Christmas go you ask? (Or I say you ask..)

Christmas was great. Lots of time with family, nice presents, good food. (If this wasn’t a book,writing blog I’d tell you about how my  brother and I stayed up til twelve on Christmas Eve making pumpkin pie…)

We should have Christmas on Thursday every year! (Start a petition?)

Two of my gifts were these two books below.





Yeah! Two of my list! Well technically I choose them (gift card) but still YEAH!


Last time till next year. Promise


Let’s look at Horse Feather stats. (Stats are always nice to look at…)



Despite the numbers are smaller , I’m really happy with how the blog is going. I could have been better about my posting though…

download (1)


Blogging and Writing Resolutions

Ah yes. More picture lists. (There so much fun to make and hopefully fun to read…)




Well folks, In a year we shall see how good I am at keeping goals.

Now this has been quite a lengthy post.

So if you haven’t fallen to sleep yet, what is one of your writer,booky,blogger resolutions?






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