5 reasons why having a writer-reader brother is awesome!

Hey ponies!
My brother  like to write.

Which  is my marvelous doing! I asked him (aka kindly nagged him) if he would like to do NaNoWriMo.  He said yes and sadly didn’t win ): BUT he has successfully become a writer! Hip Hip Hoary for the amazing Rebekah!


Anyway on with the list!

Ah yes. You feel so smart that there is actually someone you can give advice to. And you just dump everything about writing on him. (Adverbs,tense,POV,action beats etc.). Maybe it’s a bit overbearing but if you were him…


Or more like my brother looking at my weird as I go on how I love thease books.

Anyway,We both love some of the same books (Redwall series, Merlin immortals to name a few) and then we’ll start going on about how this character does that and why we like this book better than the other and it’s just awesome.




Just yesterday I was milking our goat and My brother (I’m going to call him CP which stands for Chincoteague Pony) say ‘So I got this new idea…’ and then he goes on about these anthropomorphic (animals who act like humans) creature sin a world that he created. And then I did the same thing.

Now I think that’s pretty cool.



Isn’t that great! Since we have some books in common he reads my books and I read his. I keep insisting they look nicer on my shelf but he just doesn’t see it. *sighs*


FYI I’m the one on the right. CP is on the left.


And that is the best thing ever. At least I think so.





3 thoughts on “5 reasons why having a writer-reader brother is awesome!

  1. Oh, that really sound pretty cool… I wish my brother was wa writer too. But maybe he’s just a bit young for that. At least he’s a reader, but you’re right, because I can tell at least having a reading brother is great. I used to read to him when we were younger and now we both discuss about those books we both read 🙂


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