What do you think of…



Hey Ponies!

So my brain has been churning up idea’s these last couple days.  Things like having a running story on here and whatnot…


This post is going to be a bit shortish because I should have a bigger post tomorrow.

But I been thinking about doing a blog story one chapter a week.


Would you guys like that? Also I’ve been considering doing a blog party soon. Do you think it would be better with 30 followers are 50 followers?

So just to clarify would you guys like a blog story? And blog party at 30 followers or 50 followers?


P.S A sample of my writing (so you know if you’d actually like to read my story)

The Un-Average Life of Alison Cordro


The sky seemed to be feeling the same as she was. The little girl’s clothes clung to her body and her bun was dripping water down her back. She sighed and looked up at the sky as she walked.

The rain just seemed to never stop.

Her wet flats squeaked as she walked down the sidewalk,hopefully going the right direction home. Nice and dry and almost wonderful. The not wonderful part was that it was a mansion.Three flours,with twenty rooms on each one,filled with designer furniture and fancy things rich people got like coffee tables with prices that had four zeros in them Oh,Why did her parents have to be so rich! All the stuff was nice,but maybe if her parent were not rich, the other children would be here friends and not just pretend to be. The little girl stomped her foot in a puddle. She squealed when the dirty water hit her legs.

There was a set of light coming up. The little girl strained to see which intersection it was. As she got closer she could see it clearer. A small smile creped on her face. She had found the right intersection. She sighed with relief and pressed the button to cross. Her house was just across the street. Home. But was it really a home? The other children said that there moms and dads were almost alway home. But hers… She quickly wiped her tears before anyone could see. She wasn’t a baby. She was nine years old. A big girl.

She wiped the rain and tears off her glasses.

What’s taking so long? The little girl shivered in her damp clothes. The walking sign still did not say to walk, but there was barely any traffic.The little girl sighed and shook her head. She did it again and pressed the button for the other side. Why did she have to be so stupid!

She pressed the right button forcefully and waited. Finally,the little white man appeared and she quickly walked across the road. She didn’t want anyone to ask her why she wasn’t on a bus from school, why she wasn’t with her parents, why she was alone.

She found her home street,Crest Ct. She looked around at the mansion’s on the street. Nobody was here,they were probably all on business trips and whatnot. Her parents were always on business trip and all rich people are the same, right?

She found the numbers she had been looking for. 1200.  Home. She skipped down the driveway and onto the doorsteps,splashing in the puddles for fun. She even didn’t trip on the doorsteps for once. A grin came on her face like how the sun comes out behind the clouds. It was nice to be back under a dry roof and to be home. She pulled out a necklace from under her shirt. The house key dangled at the end of the string. Oh how proud she was when Mama gave it to her. She was such a big girl. The smile grew even bigger. She twisted the key in the slot and the door opened. The smell of a empty house and rich perfumes filled the air “Hello?”

Her feeble cry echoed through the house. But no one was home.

She was alone.


The tears started to come back. “Is anyone here?”

Nothing answered. The nanny was fired again,and just when she really needed somebody. She hung her head down and blinked the tears back. She started to walk to the stairs up to her room to change. The stairs never seemed so long.

A door creaked and footsteps from downstairs. She turned around and looked down from the stairs. Who was that? A older women with grey hair was looking right at her. What was this strange women doing in her house?

“Hello dear.” The old woman’s voice sounded very kind “You must be Alison.”

She smiled one of the kindest smiles the little girl had ever seem. The little girl looked at the women with fascination and started tiptoe down the stairs.

She stepped onto the floor of the stairs and looked at the women standing there.

“Who are you? Are you the new nanny?”

The lady looked at her sweetly. The girl hadn’t seen anyone look at her that way before

“My name is Meg and I’m the new cook.”



4 thoughts on “What do you think of…

    1. And (because I’m super evil and like watching people writhe in pain) I’ve nominated you for the Top Ten Books tag. (I know, dastardly sounding, isn’t it?)
      It’s okay if you’ve got too many tags or not enough time (or it sounds to painful.) 🙂


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