Today’s a tag day: Top Ten Books Tag

TTBT  Hey Ponies!

So Today I got taged twice. I did the TMI tag and now I have the Top Ten Books Tag. I was tagged by ponymad2bookerlover @ Galloping Free

Let’s go



book1.Merlin Inmortals series.

This was an easy pick.

My favorite series ever! And there is only one book left! (Which I don’t have…) I don’t want the series to end ):








2.Dead Man’s switch

Yes another Sigmund Brouwer book. (He’s good at this stuff)

Did you know there is a sequel for this book coming out in March. And there making me wait till March too! Now I think that’s not fair.

download (1)





3.Redwall Series

Me and my brother love these books. (There is 22 books in the seris yeah!)

Despite how much my brother likes them I think they look better in my shelf.







4.Swipe Seris.

This is a dystopian series and it’s awesome. (Well I’m probably going to say that about eve book/s on this list) And this series is not finished yet. WHY! I MUST HAVE THE NEXT BOOK!

(This is BWS Book worm syndrome in  the flesh people)




5. High Hurdles Series.

I first read these years ago so these books are on of my favorites

(To myself:Well duh it’s on the list)








This book. I’ve never not liked it and every time I’ve read it I feel so bad for Lyddie. (Spoiler) I mean this gal loses everything! (Spoiler over) You get to love Lyddies determined sprit and…

Enough rambling. Next book!

7.Little Women

I like classic books. I wonder if it makes me classy?









8.King of the Wind

More horsey books, Yeah! (I need more Marguerite Henry books…)







F I didn’t get the ARC. This is just a picture



9.Hangman’s Cruse

Now is starting to get hard. (I got to choose which ones to put on the list AHH help!)

This book was hard to put down. Suspense and whatnot…








10. Against the Tide

This is the only book that has made me almost cry.

What happened you ask?

Your going to have to read the book I say.





Well thank you for sticking with me during this. I am going to tag….

Twist in the Taile

Stay and Watch the Stars

and whoever wants to be brave and do the tag

So what is your top book? Only one. (Mwhaa ha ha!) Or if you won’t comment maybe two.



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