First Person VS Third Person



The mosts epic of battles. Something goin’ down.

Hey ponies! lets dive into this discussion, on the double! And see what type of narration  will reign as champion.

(Or they will both be good in different ways like male and female…)



First Person

There are a lot of books in first person these days. mostly contemporary but there is some in other genres.

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Pros of First Person in books and Writing



When you’re in first person you are basically living the MCs head.

This connects you even more to the story and to the character. You feel there emotions,thoughts,fears everything.  If the MC has a strong narrative voice it also might be easier to see the world.

I guess were kinda like a conscience or what not.


In writing first person, You basely get to ride along with your character as you write. Which it’s really fun because for me it’s kinda like I’m reading a book. It’s also easier to put in thoughts and write exactly what the character is feeling.

Cons of First Person in books



If you don’t like the character reading the book could be hard because your living in their brain. In third person you not in there head and I think it’s easier to deal with (My opinion, by the way. Comment if you think I’m wrong *hint*hint)


Most of the time you only have one narrator.

So if you writing lets say a detective mystery story in first person (detective narrator) You can’t just pop over in the  bad guys head just to make suspense and then come back.

This could work in third person but I don’t believe it could work very well.


Alright now we’ve looked at First Person let’s look at its older sister,

Third person.

Third Person

Third person is what I think the most popular and oldest narration style. The classic books used a third person type of writing and almost every genre has this type in it.

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 Pros of Third Person in Books



First off it’s a probably type of writing style. Also you get to be in more than one person head which can be fun and can also mean more suspense or drama. (Aka no sleeping that night…)

It also can sound a little poetic such as third person in medieval fantasy.


You get multiple angles with third person.

You can jump from character to character and it’s more flexible.

Such as if you were writing a YA contemporary were a girl is trying to get on the school cheer leading team you can go from her P.O.V and then you can pop over to the bad guy/gal and add some suspense.

Cons of Third Person




It can sometimes be a harder time to connect to a character.

Also if one narrators P.O.V is better you may feel the urge to just skip over a (I’ve done that before…) and then you  miss some important parts in the book which is not the best thing (I’m rambling…)


First off I’ve only written a little in Third Person so if it’s wrong. My apologies (Tell me in comments *hint**hint*)

You have to work harder in getting your reader to connect to your readers because you’re not in the MCS head.

Also not to get a bit rowdy with a ton of  P.O.V.S . Multiple P.O.V is written very well. but  a 12 P.O.V book….

Is there even a 12 P.O.V book?


So I hope this wasn’t to much of a bore to read and that you hadn’t fallen alseep.

Let’s discuss. What are your views on different narration styles?




16 thoughts on “First Person VS Third Person

  1. Great discussion! I really agree with everything you’ve said here. I’ve almost always written in third person, so that’s what I feel most comfortable with. It comes to me pretty naturally. I’m writing my current novel in first person, though, because I want it to be more character driven. It’s a hard switch to get used to, but I hope that I’ll get better at it over time.


  2. Um, I’m kind of confused. If the POV is in someone’s head, isn’t it still first person?
    But apart from my minor confusion, thank you for doing this post! I spend a lot of time trying to decide which viewpoint to do it from so it was nice to see the pros and cons down on paper. 🙂
    (Another pro for the first person: If you’re writing mystery, because you can only see from one persons head you don’t see all the clues at once. Which means less spoilt endings!)


  3. In general I prefer first person as it feels more natural for me somehow, when i was a kid I used to prefer third person. I do think that there are authors who cna pull of a third person perspective off as well, so it’s not like I really avoid those book, I am just a bit more hesistant to start them. btw I think first person multiple point of view can be done right as well, as long as each character has a different voice and the author makes it clear at the start of the chapter who’s pov it is. Great topic!


    1. I also prefer to write in first person. I’ve never read and two P.OV first person books but I was writing one and I think it was going well., switching though the P.O.V’s and whatnot(But that might be just me…)


  4. Hi!

    In books, I can read both first and third person POVs, but I prefer first. Like Nicole said, it helps get to know the character better. I think making a connection with characters is hard enough like that, and sometimes third person -if not done well- can completely sever that connection.

    As for writing, I’ve tried both methods, and have determined that words seem to flow in a less crappy manner if I write in first person XD


  5. When writing I definitely prefer third person. I always start becoming impatient, because I hate knowing stuff and not being able to give the readers some slightly hints :mrgreen:
    Also, many of my characters are diffcult to write in first person, because they’re different to me and I have problems of “catching their voices” meaning that they sound too much like myself when I write in first person…
    But I think first person must be the oldest narrating style of all. Because the first people who told stories, in the stone age, they just told what they had done and discovered that day and I doubt that they told about theirselves in third person 🙂 Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that first person must be older than third.


    1. Catching a voice is something that I still need to learn…
      You are probably right! I guess before paper that’s what they would do. I’m glad we have paper now because a voice would get tired and someone would’t want the story to end…


      1. I think I need to learn that too 🙂
        I think people had shorter stories back then… no epic novels with thousands of pages… So they ended faster anyway. I need an ending anyway, otherwise it’s too much.

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