My Writing Habits



Every one has them.

First Person or Third Person, gene etc.  Writers are kinda like snowflakes. Everyone unique…

So you my dear readers (or ponies) will get to see my writing habits.  (And then you can glean from the amazing thing I call me)


(Don’t worry I’m not this arrogant in real life)


Narrative Style

I write best in first person, as in flowing. I mean I can write third person.

The sky seemed to be feeling the same as she was. The little girl’s clothes clung to her body and her bun was dripping water down her back. She sighed and looked up at the sky as she walked.

The rain just seemed to never stop.

But first person I how imagine  the scenes in my head. I do feel rather poetic when I write in Third Person though…



My main characters

I have a kinda formula that my stories all sorta have. I don’t try to do this but it always happens and I have to try hard not too..

The main character (girl) is sassy with comebacks with a witty guy friend.I have to try to not make my charters sassy. Like a parent…I’m also add way too many guy charters…


Where, How and When I actually write.



I write best when I’m typing. I just type faster than I can write on paper. The good thing about paper though is that when I’m suppose to be asleep, I can write with a flash light (Not that I ever do that….)

I am a night owl, so  night is when I write best. The only bad thing is you start getting in the flow the words are flying onto the paper, you feel so proud about how you got 2k, then Mom and/or Dad comes and says it’s 11 pm.



A heads up

I’m planing on starting a little weekly interactive story on Horse Feathers. In the post I’ll give a prompt, and then you comment a couple of senctnces , some else does the same etc I’ll explain more on the post, That will probably go up sometime on the Jan 23-24.


So what are some of your writer habits?





5 thoughts on “My Writing Habits

  1. Katie Grace

    Yeah. I’m totally a night person. I just can’t. get. the. ideas. flowing. in the morning/afternoon. Or, rather, I write better in the dark. It’s a weird habit of mine. I go into my room, turn off the light, and write. I’m odd. xP

    The novel I’m working on right now I wrote in third person. I’ve written a few small short story thingys in first person, but so far I haven’t used it for a full project.


  2. I’m a night person. I wrote some of my novel last night, in fact. I didn’t expect to be so inspired. I prefer 3rd person but I can do first. The problem with 1st is making all my different protagonists have their own voice. O_O Great post!

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  4. Most times I try writing in first person it doesn’ work well, because I start adding a second first person narrator, and that isn’t good for a story 😛
    It rather happens that I get some kind of inner conflict, because I know that I’m no night owl, because I will be tired again in the morning and I’m already tired when I wake up, and I didn’t even write anything useful the last evening. The best time to write is when I the world ends, because nobody will bother me with homework and all the ever day life. And nobody will want to know what I want to become, whether I’ll study and I can do whatever I want 😉

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