Weekly Wrap-Up #1 Awards and Dentists Trips

I know. I forgot the T.




Hey Ponies!

Hope you didn’t miss me much and all of your reactions are like this



and not this


So what happened in my life this week

  • I went to the dentist on Saturday to get a filling. I’d never had a filling before so I was quite nervous. It went pretty good but it was so weird when half my mouth was  frozen…
  • When I was typing this out guess what came in the mail.wwu1

YEAH! MORE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I also stopped being lazy and started to work on A Long Hike again (My NaNo Novel)wwu2

And on the blog

Sunday: Just Had Too..

Monday:Lots of Good Things Happened part 1

Tuesday:Lot’s of Good Things Happened part 2

Thursday: My Life though Books Tag

Friday: My Writing Habits

And now I need some of your help

I am planing on making a interactive story on Horse Feathers. Basically I give a prompt then you write a couple sentences ,someone else does the same and in the end you get a story! (Or should…)

But I can’t think of a name for it so I need your guys help for that.

Thanks guys. It helps. If you don’t like any of these could you maybe comment what you think would be a good idea?

So what are your thought on the Interactive Story?



4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up #1 Awards and Dentists Trips

  1. Interactive stories are awesome! I love doing them! And as for the books, Waterfall is a book I have been crazy about reading since it came out but haven’t been able to get a copy 😦 And Sigmund Brouwer is one of my most favoritest authors! I’d love to hear your thoughts on both when you finish!:-)

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