5 Things I Do to My Books



Hey Ponies.

I have come to confess.


I have done many crimes against innocent books!

BBWgaspdownload (1)


Read on. If you dare…


These poor books. There dignity robbed from them… They have been with me though thick and thin. *sniffs*


Well, when you got a good book; you just have to bring it to the dinner table. Even sneak it if you have too.

But the poor books are scared forever…



Yes I am a booknapper.

I didn’t want to be one. It just happened… We moved,the book got lost.

I had nothing to do with this!




They look nicer without. (And the dust jackets get messed up so easily)

‘Nuff said


It’s not my fault! The book is just very well-loved!


And on a serious note…

I was thinking of calling the interactive story Our Story.

Thoughts? Any more suggestions?


So what do you do to your books?



9 thoughts on “5 Things I Do to My Books

  1. Katie Grace

    Dust jackets bother me greatly. I try to leave them on, but then I just get frustrated so I end up taking them off. xP
    I am very careful with my books though… I read with them barely cracked open so I won’t have creases in the binding. I’m a bit too careful, probably…


  2. *stunned* Rebekah!!! that’s a lot of damage!! XD

    I’m the opposite with every single thing you said. I try my absolute best to make sure nothing happens to my books. I was going to list them but I did a Post (link there, if you’re interested!) on this exact topic last Thursday. Many books that I’ve read several times are in brand new condition! It makes me happier to look at them that way.

    The food substances on the pages one had me laughing tho. lolol.


    1. I just read your post. I always fold the corner of the pages… (Mostly because I fiddle with my bookmarks and break them…)
      I once didn’t read a book right away (It was siting in my shelf) and when I pulled it out I was so surprised about how smooth the cover was.


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