Weekly-Wrap Up: In which I didn’t post much…



Hey ponies!

I didn’t do very well with my posting this week.



On the Blog

On January 29: 5 Things I Do to My Books

On January 30: Beautiful People:Where get to know my writer side…

On January 31: Our Story #1

In My Life.

  • I devoured Waterfall and The Last Disciple in three days. Waterfall was 5/5 and The Last Disciple was 4/5 (Question. Would you want to read a review of these books?)
  • I got thirty followers which means I can now get books for review


  • Today I’m going to Chapters to get Anne of Green Gables and I’m excited. This is one of the perk of school.(Book report)

In My Writing

I did horrible. I didn’t write anything until Saturday


I got in a bad habit of not writing every day and I’m still working on breaking out of that…

This week I wrote 564 words.

Anyways ’nuff about me, What was your most viewed blog post this week?



7 thoughts on “Weekly-Wrap Up: In which I didn’t post much…

  1. I usually don’t read book reviews unless I’m already interested in the book, but the ones you mentioned sound interesting, so I’d love to see some reviews 😉

    My most popular post was the TMI tag, oddly enough. I wouldn’t expect tags to get that many pageviews.

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