To Re-Read or Not To Re-Read



It’s time for another discussion.

To Re-Read or Not To Re-Read.  Theirs no in between. It’s you re-read or you don’t.

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Let’s dive in.

To Re-Read.

I personal am a re-reader so I’ll try not to be biased.

Re-reading is nice because it gives you a chance to fall in love with the characters again, live in the world one more etc.  It’s kind of like going to the town you grew up in…

When I get a new book I read it way to fast–


–because of that I often miss little details, so when I re-read the story make a whole lot more sense. Once my brother skipped a whole page because he was reading to fast…


To Not Re-Read

I can see why a ton of readers do not re-read.

The TBR list is HUGE! (How many books I have is probably how many books are in someone TBR list) (And for those who don’t know TBR stands for To Be Read) And if you’re a re-reader with a giant TBR list imagine how long all that reading is going to take…



So I understand why people don’t re-read.

So here is the question. What is your view on re-reading?



P.S If you have the time, I’d really appreciate it if you could check out Our Story. The poor guy is still shaking from this mysterious letter from a female…





13 thoughts on “To Re-Read or Not To Re-Read

  1. I reread books ALL THE TIME.
    All the time. I’ll reread books four times in a year. I’m a bit crazy that way.
    But I read super fast, so there’s a guarantee that each time through a reread I’ll notice something that I hadn’t noticed before.
    I really love to reread. Some books just don’t deserve to be read once.

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  2. I don’t feel like I should re-read (loads of shiny new books… my precious…) but I do with my very favourite series. They just seem too good to go to wreck and ruin. (Now I really should stop reading blogs because of the massive piles of books to read but ah well…)

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