A Bit Under The Weather and a Essay



Today was a crappy day.

I was a little sick (huge headache, really tired etc.) and my siblings er… didn’t really help much…

Anyway because I’m still a bit tired, I’m going to post an essay I wrote for school.

So here is  The Writing Process from the perspective of a Writer.




Writers are stereotyped as crazy day-dreamers that write all night and consume more than the recommended serving of coffee and chocolate. But there’s a bit more to writers then that. Actually there’s alot more to writers then that. Writers work extremely hard at what they do. And writing is not the easiest thing.


First of all it’s actually hard to write a good novel. It might seem like all you do is bang a keyboard an hour or two every day and you eventually have a book. Uh, No….

Before you can even think of writing Chapter 1, You have to plot out the novel. Characters need to be created, worlds need to be built, and plotlines need to be made. All this planning could give you a headache… Often the planning stage takes a week to a couple months!


Once you have everything ready it’s time to write the first line of your amazing novel.

As you go along you might get a little visit from your Internal editor. (Let’s call it Egbert) You know what it is,The little voice in your head that whispers, That dialogue was horrible, You think this plotline is good, That character is so cliche,blah blah blah. That’s why most writers have to shut him/her out and just write without looking back, ignoring all the misspellings, endless plot lines, cliche characters etc. A better name for the first draft would be a rough draft.

But there not just the internal editor to stop your writing. There’s writers block. Writers Block is when that tap that words just flow out gets turned off. And it’s quite hard to turn the tap back on… Writers Block is every writer’s biggest fear…


Finally when you get past writer’s block, the internal editor and you actually wrote all the way to The End, you should have a novel, right? Not quite yet. Remember what I said about it being a first draft.  Now you have to edit it. Fix all the plot holes, flesh out those characters etc.  And not just one edit, it’s often a couple edits. During the editing process writers send there second draft to critique partner and get there thoughts on the manuscript. Because you might think it’s great but it might not be even publishable…


And then after those months and years of writing and editing and even more editing, you have a novel.

An author, Ernest Hemingway said “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

I suppose that’s why writers eat and drink alot of coffee and chocolate….


Think this is accurate? How far have you gotten on a novel?



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