Our Story #2



It’s time for a second Our Story.

Someone suggest about having it monthly What would you guys think about that?

Anyways on with the post!


And for those who are new here are the rules

    1. You are allowed to do any narrative style (first person,third person. etc.)
    2. It would be best if their was only one narrator.
    3. I’ll decide the genre. (Every week will be different)
    4. No swearing please.
    5. The prompt will be open all week for you to comment.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment and ask. Also if you have any suggestions, I’d like those to. (:

And for the prompt; we are counting what we had last week (For those who haven’t been in that here is the LINK about the story)

I took out the worn piece of paper. It looked as if it had been re-written more than once.


Let’s get writing





7 thoughts on “Our Story #2

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