Weekly-Wrap Up #3 A kinda meh week



The title is kinda self-explanatory if you guys read my post on Friday.

Let’s go and wrap-up the week. (I’m starting to run out of words to introduce with….)

On The Blog

On Feb 4 I posted Ways to Organize Your Bookshelf..

On Feb 5 We discussed To Re-Read or Not To Re-Read

On Feb 6 I told you about how I was A Bit Under The Weather and a Essay

On Feb 7 I posted What We Wrote and Our Story #2

In my life

  • My family and I headed up to Chapters last Sunday and I got these DSC02610
  • Aren’t they pretty! I love the cover for Anne of Green Gables and the notebook journal thing is just perfect!
  • I also headed down to the toy shop and got this horse (I collect. Not play with them. Quick question. Would you like to see pictures and read about my collecting?)

  • My brother had a birthday (The one who reads and writes) So that was exciting. (He’s getting so old.) His cake was really good, a marble cheesecake…

In My Writing

Uhh.. I’ve still have to get back into habit of writing….


But a cool thing that happened. When I was plotting for NaNoWriMo I didn’t finish plotting because November first rolled around… And a couple day’s ago I wrote all that I plotted out! This is the farthest I’ve ever written in a book…


You know. It actually wasn’t a very bad week…

So what about you? What’s something good that happened this week on your blog or writing?




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