My Thursday Ramble: 5 Things I Love





I know. It’s not Thursday. I’ve been planing to this this on Thursday and it would be a heck of a title if I wrote it as My actually-not-on-Thursday-because-of-my-porscation-and-sickness-and-home school-and-chores ramble.

Anyways. Hopefully that explains my absence.

Now what exactly is a ‘Thursday Ramble’?

A ramble on Thursday. (Don’t know why you can’t see it…)

Every Thursday I’ll post about something that is me and hopefully you  can see something from a different perspective. We can all work on being a little open-minded…


Anyways since Valentines is tomorrow or maybe today depending when you read this…

Here is 5 Things That I Love!



I have loved to write since I was little. I wrote my first book at six.

I don’t know why I love to write but what I do know is that I do love this about writing is

  • Creating characters
  • Feeling like you want to meet a character
  • Finishing a writing goal (write 30 k etc)
  • Creating an awesome plot

And I can not wait till I type The End to one of my YA novels. I have finished writing a children’s picture book but I still don’t feel like I’ve finished a actually  book….yet.



This is so true



What can I say? Books’ are magical.



  • Getting sucked into a book is the most awesome thing ever.
  • And wanting to jump into the books world (I wish…)
  • Searching on Amazon and reading the previews of book I want to get
  • Falling in love with characters and you want to be best friends with them

I feel as if I could go one and one but that would be a different post…


I don’t know if you know this but I love music. I love to listen to music. Weird Fact: I get annoyed when a cars flashing light doesn’t match with the song’s beat.


I also love to play instruments. I play piano and guitar and I love to play both of them When I’m stressed out playing one of the instruments is very relaxing. I say this on Amazon and I’ve been wanting to get it for a while…

Click on image to go to Amazon Page



I am horse-crazy and love to ride. And horse are just really pretty look!

640px-Andalusian_horse_moscow Standingarabianfoalone 800px-Black_Filly LaMirage_body07956107_1

I can’t wait till I get my own horse….


This is one of my little pastimes…


I probably should devote more time to it


But I have to say there is nothing more satisfying then finding that I actually snapped a decent picture.



Alright I’m off to bed. See you tomorrow!

What is something you love and why?





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