What We Wrote #2



Hey Ponies!

It’s that time again. No not Christmas

Yes! I pulled out my favorite cat pic!




It’s time to see what we amaz-zing peice of art we wrote

And the authors!

And now the work of art!

I couldn’t blame her.She lived so far away and I hadn’t seen her or years, but I’d have thought that she would’ve forgotten about me.I un-folded the letter. My sister’s neat writing covered the a paper in perfect lines. Without notebook paper! It was a rarity to receive a letter that didn’t have animal prints on, let alone one that looked as if she had taken time off. She hadn’t even put perfume on the letter! This could only mean one thing.


Next Our Story is Fantasy. Which I will post tomorrow because I’m tired.

How do you think Our Story is going?






One thought on “What We Wrote #2

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