Teens Can Write Too: How does music relate to your writing?



Hey Ponies!

I am surprised how fast the 19th came. The month just zoomed by and today hit me in the head. With a ten-pound rock. Because I forgot about the blog-chain…


Anyway, before today I have never written with music.



Right off the bat let me tell ya something.

I love music.

My reaction to music
My reaction to music

But I have never tried writing with music till today. I don’t see why I haven’t done this sooner…

Music seems like a drink. You can eat a pizza without a drink but it’s a heck lot nicer when you do!

Music helps with getting the right emotion in a scene which is not an easy thing.

download (1)

Imagine having a scene were someone died and there’s daughter just like “I’ll miss her. Oh well let’s go SHOPPING!”

(Probably was listening to to-many pop songs…)


Music as also helps with getting you into the flow. This is really helpful since I took a writing break from NaNoWriMo. (I don’t understand how I wrote 2k a day.) and now writing is er.. not so good.


I may be new to the whole music thing but I’m jumping in. In a snow suit. (Because you better be serious if your analogy is that music is water and your jumping in with a snow suit…)


What do you think about music and writing?


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