Our Story #4



Hey ponies!

Are you ready to write?

If you are great!

If your not, I don’t care.


For those who this is there first time this is a continuation of last week Our Story. You can check out What We Wrote # 3.

And the rules

  1. You are allowed to do any narrative style (first person,third person. etc.)
  2. It would be best if their was only one narrator.
  3. I’ll decide the genre. (Every week will be different)
  4. No swearing please.
  5. The prompt will be open all week for you to comment

And the genre is:


Prompt is:

“Oh…I.” This was the first time Darvin was at a lost for words. “How?”

Go write ponies! Go, Go, Go!



7 thoughts on “Our Story #4

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  4. Lily brushed her hand through his hair before she collapsed from exhaustion. Darvin spoke up “Will someone please take care of Lily. We don’t need two dead people.”


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