Weekly Wrap-Up #5 My first Blog Party!



Random Information, I accidently put a four instead of a five on the picture.

Oh,Well. That’s what Pic Monkey Royale is for.

Anyway about my week…

On The Blog

Feb 17: Our Story #3

Feb 19: Teens Can Write Too: How does music relate to your writing?

Feb 20: Love an Author Month and I Got Fifty Followers!

Feb 21: What We Wrote #3 and Our Story #4

Feb 22: Blog Party!!

In My Life

  • I am hosting my first ever blog party! (Whoop, Whoop)
  • I had a choir performance today. That was cool. For my stalkers, I am a soprano but I also like singing alto. I CAN’T CHOOSE PEOPLE!
  • We got a new shed for our goats because they are going to have their babies soon.
  • Speaking of which, OUR GOATS ARE GOING TO HAVE THERE BABIES IN A WEEK. I literally cannot wait for baby goats.

    We will have babies just like these!

In My Writing

Writing is going really well.  I have no idea why I havn’t written with music before.

My playlist is mostly Enya song since the her song are, it’s harder to hear the lyrics.alhp


How has you week been?



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