Camp NaNoWriMo Prepping Has Begun!





I am back.



I know I said I’d be back Sunday but you all know that thing called procrastination…



Yesterday I got a e-mail telling me that Camp-NaNoWiMo was starting in a mouth.

I got really excited and I’ve been starting to get scenes in my head about a novel that’s been swirling in my head.

Well, what is this idea of yours Rebekah?

Glad you err… I asked.

The novel I am planing to write is a historical time travel novel.

This is our main character



Joel Wiir is an older teen (Probably around 16-18). He is a German Jew and he lives in the 21st century. His mom is a historian and is especially interested in the holocaust of WW2.



Sally Regan is also a German Jew. She is also an older teen but she is younger than Joel. She lives in the 19th century during WW2. In Germany.



The plotline is that Joel and his mother are exploring a crumbling gas chamber and his hand slips into a hand print on the cement wall.. He goes back in time during WW2 at a train station. The train station is filled with Jews who were ‘being sent back to Israel’. Or so they think… He meets Sally on the train and eventually the two become friends.

Without spoilers, I’m going to make my readers cry.


Quick Note: Our Story #4 is still up for those who want to join in.



  Have you started prepping for NaNoWriMo?  What are you planing to write? What do think of my novel idea?

signture1 (1)


P.S If you guys want to check my profile out or whatever, my username is riachl


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