What We Wrote #4

What We Wrote


I have recently discovered Canva which is really nice. The only thing is I have to go to Pic Monkey to crop my images…

Anyway What did we write this last couple weeks?

“Oh…I.” This was the first time Darvin was at a lost for words. “How?”

“What d’ ya think? Ain’t it obvious?” The tears streamed down my face. “They ambushed.”

My f ace wrinkled. I hate myself “And we were playing in the woods while he died.”

Even as I said it, Lily padded over to say her last goodbyes. She barely had enough energy for that but at least she had seen him, at least she had been able to see him. Lily brushed her hand through his hair before she collapsed from exhaustion.

Darvin spoke up “Will someone please take care of Lily. We don’t need two dead people.”


I really like it. (:

And the authors of this lovely piece of literature…


Our Story should be up soon for those who want to participate.

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