Weekly Wrap-Up #6 Canva Re-Do and Baby Goat!!!

Weekly Wrap-Up (1)


This has been a long two weeks.  Especially with Spring break…

first-day-of-spring-2015-northern-hemisphere-5718223597076480.3-hp (1)

On The Blog

Feb 27: The Liebster Award and Quick note

Mar 5: Camp NaNoWriMo Prepping Has Begun! and NaNoWriMo Cover Reveal

Mar 8: Baby Goats

Mar 13: Carly’s Story

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Mar 18: The Book Lover’s Questionnaire Tag

Mar 19: Beautiful People: Joel and Sally say Hi.

Mar 20: Spring has arrived! With Rain…

Mar 21: What We Wrote #4 and Our Story # 5

In My Life

  • March has been a stressful mouth. With the whole Carly thing and last Tuesday we had four boxer pit-bull type dogs from the reserves come on our property and attacked one of our ducks. (She survived, thankfully)
  • I got Sigmund Brouwers new book!!!!!!! 😀 I do have to say that Dead Man’s Switch was better h Nowhere To Hide but I still love them both (There by Sigmund Brouwer people. What is not to love?)

    They look so nice next to each other


In My Writing.

Er… Not so good.


But we are trying to get rid off bed-bugs (hideous little creatures) so that’s my excuse take it or leave it ya’ll.

I did have a 1k day. That was becuase I took the laptop in the car were theres no internet.


Anyways, what is your most popular post this month?

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