2015 Discussion Challange: Genres



Hey ponies!

I almost forgot about the discussion challenge this month…



But this mouth has been hectic. Anyway ’nuff about me let’s get into this discussion.


So this post isn’t going to be a genre vs genre post. We are just going to discuss why we like the genre we write.

I write mainly contemporary. (Which I always misspell. Yeah for Google…)

Why you ask?

First off not so much planning and researching. With a fantasy you have to create a culture, historical you have to research the times but with contemporary. We live in that time.

But that’s not saying that contemporary writers don’t research.  I have a character that lives in Beverly Hills California and another that lives in Lumby B.C. And I don’t live anywhere close to any of those places. Google Maps is awesome for researching in cities I’ve never been to.

But planning for a fantasy is so much fun!  I was plotting for a dystopian with vampires and werewolves, and I drew out the capital city, made a language  (So much fun! I might share it with you sometime…), figure out how non-human creatures work, the culture…




What about you?

 What genre do you write (or read) and why?

signture1 (1)


8 thoughts on “2015 Discussion Challange: Genres

  1. I think I probably lean towards writing fantasy. I tend to be able to immerse myself in a world quite easily and I love to read fantasy too! I’ve tried writing contemporary and it kind of ends up with them being chased by magic. That doesn’t sound like any contemporary I know… 🙂


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