How To Become a Author in 6 Easy Steps


It’s always been your dream. Why not make it happen now.

Read on to find the answer…


 1. Get a laptop

First off by a laptop. You can’t write without one and these are the cheapest computers. If you don’t have the money you just shoplift one.


 2. Begin to write

You can plot out a idea but that would take forever. (Think of all that work…) Instead you find story’s on blogs and websites such as wattpad and copy and past, Tweaking a word here and there.

3. Make a mock cover

It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just make one and people will love it for the story.


4.Send it to a publisher

There rules on publishing doesn’t matter. Tell them your going to be the next Suzanne Collins. Don’t forget to put in your letter that if they don’t publish it you will never by a book from them again.

5.If they say yes. Yeah! You a author. If not…

Just sue the company and try at another place.

6. Repeat step five until someone says yes. If that fails, just self-publish


P.S Don’t actually do this because you probably would be put in jail for shoplifting and copyrighting. April Fools!

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