#Year of Happy: January and March 2015



I had just recently found out about #Year of Happy.

Because Decembers prompt corresponds with January’s, I’m doing January and March together.

Let’s have some happy cat gifs!


So a love letter to my self…

Dear me

First off I like your hair.  I hope it doesn’t sound arrogant because I’m talking to myself.

I also like your writing. You have definitely improved. Yeah, you still have a long ways to go but you’re a lot better. And you got to go to a writers conference! Hip Hip Horay! This was like a dream to be with other writers…

I hope to get my blog going smoothly. I also want to win Camp/NaNoWriMo. I also want to finally put The End on one of my novels. I know you can do it. I also want to sing without being so freaked out about how I sound.

And if you don’t make that’s alright. It’s the effort that counts.




March’s prompt was to create an inspiration board using your favorite colors, images, or sayings.


On my broad I have

  • The pictures of my novels. I want to become author
  • I love music and want to become a better guitar player
  • Writing and reading our important to me
  • Having a horse of my own would be a dream.

What is something you like about your self? What is one of your dreams? (Becoming an author, having a horse etc.)





3 thoughts on “#Year of Happy: January and March 2015

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