Weekly Wrap-Up #7: Happy Easter!

Weekly Wrap-Up (2)


Happy Easter ponies!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter, remembering Jesus rising from the dead or with tons of chocolate. (Or both)

About my week…

The cat pities you, my ponies…

On The Blog

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Mar 31: 2015 Discussion Challenge: Genres

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In My Life

  • I might of posted about this already but there was a fire only a couple acres away from our property. It was humongous
  • 11074987_741961779252147_195523172857400791_o
    This picture was taken on our land. It was bigger then this picture. (This was after the fireman came)
  • Remember when I said that two goats of my goats were pregnant? One had her babies and turns out the other one miscarried because our wether (fixed boy goat) was ramming into her. *sighs* In our first year of goats we have a baby die and a goat miscarriage…
  • MORE BOOKS!! Roadside Assistance, Tournaments, Cocoa, and One Wrong Move, and Limos, Lattes, and My Life on The Fringe. The end of a series and the beginning of another.
  •  DSC03088
  • I watched Little Women (1994) and it good. But it wasn’t close to the book at all with some parts (aka Beth) (Probably will have a review sometime this week.)


In My Writing

It’s going okay. (I haven’t written for Camp NaNoWriMo today yet…)



But writing has actually been going pretty swell since I was in a writing slump.

I’m using the same playlist that I was using for A Long Hike for Amber Tear, Worn Letters.

Screenshot (19)


So how is your Easter? What was your most popular blog post this week?





3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up #7: Happy Easter!

  1. Happy belated Easter!
    The fire. 0.0 How terrifying! I’m so glad you stayed safe and I hope everyone involved wasn’t hurt, either.
    And I’m sorry about your goat. :/
    But you do an amazing job posting consistently. With Camp NaNoWriMo going on right now, I’ve really struggled finding the time (or the energy!) to write up a blog post, so kudos to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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