Writing 101: Free-Write

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I am taking the Writing 101 course that WordPress offers. The prompt for today is to Free-Write. Non-Fiction is not my specialty so I will write fiction from my first Novel Alison Cordro.

Here is a short piece of writing about Alison Cordro. Short description is that she is very anti-social and is very rich. A evil butler is working for her parents. ( Alfred). Three people had befriended her, Tina, Olive, and Jonson.


Read on my ponies!



Ridding the train is not a fun thing to do. Unless of course you have technology or you our able to buy the most expense seat on the train.

Having the latter,I suppose that’s one of the perks of being a rich girl.

I sighed and shifted in my seat. My parents had confiscated my cell phone because of ‘no respect for elders’. Well they never gave me any respect. I was just helping them because of Alfred! Alfred has no respect for his ‘elders’.

I looked out the window. The sky was a very bright blue with no clouds. I’m sure Tina would be telling me exactly what shade the color was, Jonson would laugh at my bluntness, and Olive would put more detail into the description for me.

I miss them. I miss my friends.

“I miss my friends.” I whispered. Friends. I have friends. Anti-social Alison Cordro, who is not polite most of the time, has people who want to spend time with me aka want to be my friend? It’s almost crazy to think of.

I smiled.  Trains are very philosophical places to think as you have nothing else to do but think.


I love Alison. I haven’t been working on The Un-Average Life of Alison Cordro in a while but Oh how I’ve missed writing her and Jonson and the whole gang.


Do have a story that’s taken your heart and won’t let go? Any thoughts on my writing would be welcome. (:

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