Monday’s Minute Challenge

Writing prompt contest for teens


So I am participating in the Monday’S Minute Challenge.

The prompt I choose is  Write a passage using these items: spark, eyes, dark

There she is.

The Spark. The one who would save us from this dark time. Of course, Van Wigg was hiding her! I don’t know why I called and still call him ‘friend.’ I’m finding out how evil he actually is the more I think about it.

The girl whimpers.

I close the warehouse door. It bangs, echoing through the warehouse. The whimpering stops like a switch that’s been flipped off.

I reach out and touch the wall. I can’t see anything in this place. Theirs gotta be a light switch somewhere…

Ah found it.

“Let there be light.” I flip the switch. “And there was light.” I smile to myself as I turn around. “It’s in the Bible you know…”

Oh my gosh.

At the back of the warehouse tied up to a chair was a girl, the Spark. The Spark was rumored to have long shimmering brunette hair with green eyes. This girl had brown hair, alright. But it was knotted and cut unevenly. She was thin, so thin, with huge eye-bags and her face was shrunken in.

But her eyes. Despite all that must of happened to her, they shone. Bright, green, emerald eyes that look as if they could see right into your soul.

But I have never seen so much fear in someones eyes. Her breaths were quick and she was looking at me. Frightened of me. I could see why. She’s entirely helpless and her life is in the hands of her captor. She could die if he wants her too.

And that makes me sick.


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