Camp NaNoWriMo: aka what I did all month

Vantage Points

Hi Ponies!

How are you? I’m fabulous, thank you very…much…



Yeah, I kinda disappeared from the face of the blogospere for two weeks.

But I have reasons! Which I’ll tell you in the Weekly-Wrap up which I swear will be on Saturday. (Ducklings and moving eek!)

I’m thinking about Anne of Green Gables now… (Spoiler: Remember when she and Diana swore to be bosom friends. (-: )

Anyway. Camp NaNo…



Screenshot (39)

So what was good about Camp?

My word count is absolutely horrible. But I feel like it was the best camp I’ve ever did.

Good things that happen during camp were

  • Camp kicked my writing slump out the door.
  • Also this was the first time I tried writing something other then contemporary…
  • And I also know I really love writing contemporary…
  •  I’m once again emotionally attached to a bunch of people I have created in my head.



But I wrote it kinda weird?

At first I was writing it from beginning to end. Writers block started to show up. (aka the week of not writing)

So I just started writing everywhere from adding more to the begging, writing the ending, changing the plot but keeping what I originally wrote…

This is probably my messiest draft ever.

Now everybody loves snippets. (Right?)

So here are snippets for you ponies. (Case I love you guys) This is all un-edited just so you know.

2[1] 3[1] 4[1] 1[2]



And that’s it ponies!  See you tomorrow! I’ve got a thing called bedtime and she’s a calling…

signture1 (1)


4 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo: aka what I did all month

  1. Wow, congrats! (Shh, I wrote about the same wordcount as you 😉 ) My writing process is always absolutely horrendous – everything is in the wrong order, and if I rewrite something I always keep the old material so it’s just very confusing.
    I’m loving the snippets! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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