I like Notebooks Too Much…


no sleepin thecity (1)

What can I say ponies.

I’m a writer.

And Notebooks are wondrous things. Most wondrous things indeed.


I’m not obsessed with them.

Just despite I half like, three half-filled notebooks the notebook section of a store is like magic.

I swear I’m not obsessed.


It’s just there so pretty, with their empty pages just waiting to be filled.

You can’t resit them with there puppy-eyed looks.  I mean just look!


Imagine all the good times writing…


Take note of how beautiful this notebook is



Writing words for that one special novel




Creating words and characters


Taming those unruly ideas


Exploring the pages whiten



They even give you inspirational quotes





And there is just not caption worthy enough for this beautiful notebook.


No. I’m not obsessed.

I just like notebooks a little to much.

Do you love notebooks? Do you fill them up quickly or is a long process before they are filled? Which one of the notebooks above do you like the most?



signture1 (1)

P.S If any of you lucky ponies have the money to buy those beautiful notebooks. Here is a link to buy those beautiful things.



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