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I’m alive ponies! Hello!


So Emily@Loony Literate and the Alyssa @Devils Orders Takeout made this really cool link up. Cause mean everybody loves to share there writing.

And this is just a good excuse to do so.

So with out further ado

Snazzy Snippets, ladies and gents

All of these snippets are going to be from my novel The Un-Adverge life of Alison Cordro.


1. A snippet with FOOD in it.


I found an empty table and plopped onto it. I laid my head on the table.
“That was graceful.”
“Hi Jonson.” I mumbled.”
I heard him slid into the chair beside me. “You seem tired.”
“Really. I…never would’ve…guessed.”
Jonson snickered. I heard someone slid into the chair across from me
“Oh my gosh you guys. I haven’t sat with you in like forever.”
I lifted up my head “Tina?”
Her smile brighten. “Hi Alison! You look tired.”
“Mhmm.”  I laid my head back on the table
“Oooo. You have mayo and tuna sandwich! I love mayo and tuna–”
I darted my head up. Tina was peering into my lunch bag
“Tina What the heck!?”
I snatched it out of her hands and pulled out the sandwich.
“I’m so sorry. You just looked so tired. Mayo and tuna sandwich always makes me happy so I thought I’d tell you that you had one. You know there was one time…”
As Tina chattered on, I just nodded my head. My phone buzzed from my pocket.
I pulled it out.
“…And I was like ‘well good thing it was tuna’!” Tina burst out laughing and started hitting the table.
“Ha Ha.” I tried to sound sincere but I don’t think it worked.

2. A snippet you’re really proud of.

giphy (1)

Father interrupted. “We are getting a divorce.”
The grandfather clock ticked. Mother look at her hands holding her phone. The footsteps of the maids could be heard above.
“A d-divrocie!” I played with my fingers. “You mean not-going-to-be-married divorce?!”
Mother sighed. “Dear what other kind of divorce would there be.”
“But…You’ve never fought or anything.”
“Allison we…just don’t love each other any…” Father tried to sound soothing. I cut him off
“Look, I’m sorry for be such a bad daughter. I’ll be good and get good grades and I won’t be a smart-alec to Alfred and and…Just are you really getting a divorce? ”
“Alli-son. Please calm down.”
I closed my eyes.
The stupid grandfather clock ticked.
My phone buzzed again.
“May I be excused?” I asked.
“Not yet.” Father said. “Because of the divorce I am buying and moving into a condo in downtown San Francisco.”
I nodded. That’s okay. It won’t be any different then it is now.“And she”—He gestured to mother— “Is going to be looking for one with you–”
My parents looked shocked.
“Allie-son. No yelling it hurts my ears.”
“We can’t move!” I shook my head. “I’ve always lived here.”
“Dear.” Mother sounded the most motherly she had ever been“I can’t pay the mortgage for this house without your fathers income.”
“Then why don’t you just both do that. Pay for the mortgage.”
“I want nothing to do with her after the divorce.” Father said.
I just kept staring at the ground.
“I have homework to do.”
“Allie-son we still have stuff to—”
I didn’t hear the rest. I jumped out of the chair and out the door slamming it.

3. The first paragraph from a WIP.

giphy (2)

When most people walk into their home after a vacation no matter how nice a holiday it was,most people are so happy to be back home.
Me? Not so much. Despite living here since I was a baby I never said ‘Come to my home’ It was come to my house. But I guess it’s alright living here because of Meg and Jake.


So there we go!

Which snippet did you like the best? And this is kinda random  but what is your favorite type of pizza? And if you want to share a snippet, I’ll be happy to read it (:

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