NaNoWriMo Yeah or Nay



Hey ponies!

It’s time for another discussion.


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I’m Famous!


I’m not actually famous

Sorry ponies I lied… But I did get nominated for  four blog awards (and I have been procrastinating on doing  them…)


Let’s do this before I procrastinate even more

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Our Story # 5


Our Story (2)

Hi Ponies!

I’ve go a new picture for Our Story and I really like it compared to the old one.

Anyway let’s get this thing on the road!

I just had too guys.


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What We Wrote #4

What We Wrote


I have recently discovered Canva which is really nice. The only thing is I have to go to Pic Monkey to crop my images…

Anyway What did we write this last couple weeks?

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The Liebster Award





First off Thank you Bridget @ Stay and Watch the Stars for nominating me!

If you ponies haven’t checked out her blog, go do it now!

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