The 4 Stages of NaNoWriMo




Week 1

Steady writing, this novel is going to be a work of art! Your in love with your characters and the NaNo Ship is sailing.



Week 2.

Wring is going okay. You don’t hit the word count everyday but you catch up. It’s not that hard. I mean your only a couple hundred behind everyday


Week 3. What, NaNoWriMo? What is this NaNoWriMo you speak of? You should write but theirs are other things. Like Pinterest and blogs and books. More important things…


Week 4:

Oh crap! I’m going to lose. I should’ve wrote AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did I not write! 10K BEHIND!

MUST WRITE!!!!!!!!!!KGFKJHGFBHNFGHGF AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Last Day:

If you hit your word count, it is the most wonderful moment of your life. You’ve done. You sail through storms. You’ve climbed steep mountains. YOU WON NANWRIOMO AND DID THE INSANE THING OF PUTTING 50K WORDS ON PAPER (or computer)


And if you lose…

Well excuse me please. I’m going to go hide in a corner with some chocolate and bawl my eyes out.



Is this accurate for you? If not how to usually do NaNoWriMo? How is your NaNo going so far?

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I like Notebooks Too Much…


no sleepin thecity (1)

What can I say ponies.

I’m a writer.

And Notebooks are wondrous things. Most wondrous things indeed.


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20 Facts You May Not Know About Me Tag


Hello ponies.

So I left the blogosphere for a while. I’ll try to kick my blogging slump and get back to blogging hopefully every day-ish.

Anyways, It’s funny how I’ll barely remember something that someone told me minutes ago but then remember something I saw months ago.

I have a very strange mind.

Anyways, A long time ago when Paper Fury was Notebook Sisters (such a long time ago) she did this tag. And then i saw the tag on Further Up and Further In (BTW if you haven’t check either of these blogs out, well what are you waiting for!)

I havne’t been tagged so I’m stealing this tag.


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Liebster Award (Second time ’round)


Sup ponies,



So I’m back! Before I went on a blogging break I was tagged once again by Heather @ Sometime’s I’m a Story (Thank you!) for the Liebster Award. (Does anyone know how you pronounce that?)

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Hey Ponies…

Hey Ponies…

So life is being really busy and sorta stressful right now.
We’re moving, school ending soon, we have to sell the goats…I just don’t have time to blog…
I don’t know when I’ll be back but I won’t be too long.
I hope…


Camp NaNoWriMo: aka what I did all month

Vantage Points

Hi Ponies!

How are you? I’m fabulous, thank you very…much…



Yeah, I kinda disappeared from the face of the blogospere for two weeks.

But I have reasons! Which I’ll tell you in the Weekly-Wrap up which I swear will be on Saturday. (Ducklings and moving eek!)

I’m thinking about Anne of Green Gables now… (Spoiler: Remember when she and Diana swore to be bosom friends. (-: )

Anyway. Camp NaNo…

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I’m Famous!


I’m not actually famous

Sorry ponies I lied… But I did get nominated for  four blog awards (and I have been procrastinating on doing  them…)


Let’s do this before I procrastinate even more

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