20 Facts You May Not Know About Me Tag


Hello ponies.

So I left the blogosphere for a while. I’ll try to kick my blogging slump and get back to blogging hopefully every day-ish.

Anyways, It’s funny how I’ll barely remember something that someone told me minutes ago but then remember something I saw months ago.

I have a very strange mind.

Anyways, A long time ago when Paper Fury was Notebook Sisters (such a long time ago) she did this tag. And then i saw the tag on Further Up and Further In (BTW if you haven’t check either of these blogs out, well what are you waiting for!)

I havne’t been tagged so I’m stealing this tag.


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Liebster Award (Second time ’round)


Sup ponies,



So I’m back! Before I went on a blogging break I was tagged once again by Heather @ Sometime’s I’m a Story (Thank you!) for the Liebster Award. (Does anyone know how you pronounce that?)

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The 777 Challange



I found this on The Road of Writer and it looks pretty cool. (I keep stealing stuff I hand’t been tagged in…)

The rules are  you go to page 7 of your work-in-progress, scroll down to line 7 and share the next 7 lines in a blog post, and tag 7 bloggers to do the writing challenge themselves on their own blogs with their own WIPs.


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My Life thorough Books Tag




I, dear ponies, have done something I have never done before!


I have made a tag.


This is the good stuff, kitty. (I don’t understand why I don’t chop your head off…)


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Today’s a tag day: Top Ten Books Tag

TTBT  Hey Ponies!

So Today I got taged twice. I did the TMI tag and now I have the Top Ten Books Tag. I was tagged by ponymad2bookerlover @ Galloping Free

Let’s go


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Today’s a Tag Day:TMI Tag



Hey Ponies!

FYI, TMI stands for Too Much Information.

Today I have been tagged twice. Today i was tagged by Twist in The Taile


So therefore I am going to post twice today


Okay let’s get started

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