Weekly Wrap-Up #8 I should be writing

Weekly Wrap-Up (4)


Hi Ponies!

The reason I didn’t post this yesterday is because we were traveling to go see a Christian Artist in concert!

I’ll explain more below.


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Weekly Wrap-Up #7: Happy Easter!

Weekly Wrap-Up (2)


Happy Easter ponies!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter, remembering Jesus rising from the dead or with tons of chocolate. (Or both)

About my week…

The cat pities you, my ponies…

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Weekly Wrap-Up #6 Canva Re-Do and Baby Goat!!!

Weekly Wrap-Up (1)


This has been a long two weeks.  Especially with Spring break…

first-day-of-spring-2015-northern-hemisphere-5718223597076480.3-hp (1)

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Weekly Wrap-Up #5 My first Blog Party!



Random Information, I accidently put a four instead of a five on the picture.

Oh,Well. That’s what Pic Monkey Royale is for.

Anyway about my week…

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Weekly-Wrap Up: *cough* *cough*




I was really horrible at blogging. I did like one post.


Well I just posted one but yah.

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Weekly-Wrap Up #3 A kinda meh week



The title is kinda self-explanatory if you guys read my post on Friday.

Let’s go and wrap-up the week. (I’m starting to run out of words to introduce with….)

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Weekly-Wrap Up: In which I didn’t post much…



Hey ponies!

I didn’t do very well with my posting this week.



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