Teens Can Write Too: January 2015



Hello Ponies.

This is another not-easy question

What is something you feel is generally written well in fiction? What is something you feel is generally written  poorly in fiction?

But let’s just jump in and see what I can think up.


What is something you feel is generally written well in fiction?

Lot’s of stuff.  End of post!

One thing I find writing well is witty conversation between two characters such as

Frank opened one eye and glanced at me. “Did I every tell you that you have a ornery little brother?”

“What does ornery mean?” Cliff sat up. “Scarlett,what does that word mean?”

I smiled. My fingers flipped though the money quickly,smoothing out the bills. “At times I find him rather cantankerous.”

Cliff’s mouth dropped into a small O. “I don’t know any of those words!”

“Sometimes he does act in a juvenile manner.”

Cliff frowned “How to you even know all these words without looking in a dictionary?”

I reached out and closed his mouth,pinching his chin. “But I find him absolutely congenial.”

He made a face and squirmed away. Right. I forgot about the no-touching thing. But he still managed a small smile. “I’m going inside.” (Chasing Jupiter, Rachel Coker)

Doesn’t every one love reading stuff like this.


In my opinion, wittyness and humor makes the book richer,brings the characters alive and  brings a smile to your face when your reading. (I sound so inspirational…). And people have been writing wit and humor pretty well these days.

And then there’s the not so good….


What is something you feel is generally written  poorly in fiction?


Romance in contemporary books.  Wait! Let me clarify…


I don’t think I have every seen a  YA contemporary book without any romance. I’m not saying that you should never put romance in a contemporary but can you have some without romance?

I mean there’s got to be more to a contemporary life then there love life.


Well theirs my ramblings. Sorry if I bored you…

Well, What do you think?






7 thoughts on “Teens Can Write Too: January 2015

  1. I have to agree with you—it’s amazing how authors are able to make me laugh, and I never tire of a little humor! Right again with the romance… I mean, I know that we have a reputation, but contrary to popular belief not all teens are sex machines. And sure, that doesn’t show up in every book but I really miss having a story where people can be friends and it’s not weird because there’s no romantic tension that makes it weird.


  2. Really enjoyed this! And I’m liking the cat pictures. 🙂

    If you’re really curious about YA contemporaries that don’t have romance, I recommend Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future (and most books by A.S. King, actually).


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