Beautiful People:Where get to know my writer side…



This post is evidence of my prostration. I originally planned to write this post at the begging of January. And now it’s the end of the mouth…

Anyways,before I forget this meme or blog chain (IDK) is hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky at Further Up and Further In.

Anyway ’nuff with the talk let’s get into this thingamajig.



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Teens Can Write Too: January 2015



Hello Ponies.

This is another not-easy question

What is something you feel is generally written well in fiction? What is something you feel is generally written  poorly in fiction?

But let’s just jump in and see what I can think up.


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Teens Can Write Blog Chain




Hello ponies!

Alright,I messed up. It’s a blog chain and not a link up. And sorry for it being so late. (Should’d wrote it yesterday…)

Any ways the prompt for the blog chain is:

What works of fiction have taught you by example, and what did they teach you?.

This is not an easy question Oh well. Gotta do something hard in your life once.


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‘Bout This Blogger Tag

'Bout this blogger tag hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury
BTW there is a link on this photo



Hello Peoples! You know, I should make a nickname for you guys, cause people s is boring. How about Feathers? Horsies? My little ponies?

I used to watch MLP a couple of years ago. It wasn’t that bad
This cat ain’t a brony


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Beautiful books Round two, The plot thickens….

I you could hear me say my title Beautiful Books would just be normal voice but Round Two would be in a big booming voice (like a badger lord. Only redwalll people get this) and the plot thickens  would be in a mysterious voice.

Anyway onto the point *random intro music. upload the photo*

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