20 Facts You May Not Know About Me Tag


Hello ponies.

So I left the blogosphere for a while. I’ll try to kick my blogging slump and get back to blogging hopefully every day-ish.

Anyways, It’s funny how I’ll barely remember something that someone told me minutes ago but then remember something I saw months ago.

I have a very strange mind.

Anyways, A long time ago when Paper Fury was Notebook Sisters (such a long time ago) she did this tag. And then i saw the tag on Further Up and Further In (BTW if you haven’t check either of these blogs out, well what are you waiting for!)

I havne’t been tagged so I’m stealing this tag.


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Liebster Award (Second time ’round)


Sup ponies,



So I’m back! Before I went on a blogging break I was tagged once again by Heather @ Sometime’s I’m a Story (Thank you!) for the Liebster Award. (Does anyone know how you pronounce that?)

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Blogging Tips

look upinto the stars.


The other day I got a comment on one of my post

Screenshot (40)


Me when I read the comment


I thought is would be easier to do that in a post

Read on dear ponies.



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Weekly Wrap-Up #8 I should be writing

Weekly Wrap-Up (4)


Hi Ponies!

The reason I didn’t post this yesterday is because we were traveling to go see a Christian Artist in concert!

I’ll explain more below.


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Weekly Wrap-Up #7: Happy Easter!

Weekly Wrap-Up (2)


Happy Easter ponies!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter, remembering Jesus rising from the dead or with tons of chocolate. (Or both)

About my week…

The cat pities you, my ponies…

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The Liebster Award





First off Thank you Bridget @ Stay and Watch the Stars for nominating me!

If you ponies haven’t checked out her blog, go do it now!

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I Got Fifty Followers!


Hey Ponies!

Today’s your lucky day cause I’m posting twice.

This morning when I was looking at my blog I happened to look at my followers.


Prepare for a cat pic bomb

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