Books and Blogging and New Year, Oh My!



I’m back from the holidays!

I suppose in my title I could have just said Update, but that would of been boring.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas and whatnot. I’m missing the holidays already.

As you wish kitty!

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Top Ten Tuesday, Books I would’t mind Santa bringing

PicMonkey CollageYes, ponies, tis the season. (Cause that’s what Google says. If anyone saw today’s doodle…)


This post was suppose to go up yesterday but I had a bunch a tests and quiz and whatnot.

Anyway these are the books that I’d like to see under the tree or in my stocking. (But I think my siblings mostly got me Breyer horse which I like to collect.)

Anyway, *in British accent* ON WITH THE POST!

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NaNo is over but Christmas is coming



Hello Peoples! I have returned!

This is me,minus the paws and fur and whatnot.

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