Dear Jo and Laurie…


Hey guys!

Before I began, I have a disclaimer


I have read Little Women but I haven’t read Good Wives. I did watch the 1994 Little Women movie though… I don’t know how close the movie is too the book

What am trying to say if something doesn’t line up… I’m sorry. It’s from the movie..

Onto the post!

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Weekly Wrap-Up #7: Happy Easter!

Weekly Wrap-Up (2)


Happy Easter ponies!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter, remembering Jesus rising from the dead or with tons of chocolate. (Or both)

About my week…

The cat pities you, my ponies…

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You Know Your a Book-Lover When…




Hey ponies.

There are certain things that us book-lovers do. Some things are kinda wacky and some are really wacky.

Prepare for a very gif-y post.

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The Book Lover’s Questionnaire Tag



Actually I haven’t been tagged. I just borrowed this from A Writers Faith. (If you haven’t checked her blog out, go now. It’s fabulous.)


Anyway let’s just jump right into this questionnaire. (Totally random but Does anyone hear the word questionnaire in a british accent?)


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Love an Author Month


Hello Ponies!

Authors are amazing things! They write us beautiful books for us to read. And we all know how hard it is to write a book…


Let’s go!!!!

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To Re-Read or Not To Re-Read



It’s time for another discussion.

To Re-Read or Not To Re-Read.  Theirs no in between. It’s you re-read or you don’t.

download (1)

Let’s dive in.

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Ways to Organize Your Bookshelf..



I have a smaller bookshelf.

Nether the less, when ever I need to relax I organize my bookshelf.



So here is how I organize my bookshelf (:

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