Our Story # 5


Our Story (2)

Hi Ponies!

I’ve go a new picture for Our Story and I really like it compared to the old one.

Anyway let’s get this thing on the road!

I just had too guys.


The rules for Our Story are

  1. You are allowed to do any narrative style (first person,third person. etc.)
  2. It would be best if their was only one narrator.
  3. I’ll decide the genre. (Every week will be different)
  4. No swearing please.
  5. The prompt will be open all week for you to comment.

And let’s do historical in…medieval times. (1300-1500s)

And the prompt is…

It was over as quickly as it had begun

Go write ponies!






7 thoughts on “Our Story # 5

  1. I blinked my eyes “Er….well you see I was trying to get them at the target…but the…” I waved my hands around till I found the word “the wind! The wind did things and my arrows didn’t hit the target.” I grinned up at my archery teacher.


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