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look upinto the stars.


The other day I got a comment on one of my post

Screenshot (40)


Me when I read the comment


I thought is would be easier to do that in a post

Read on dear ponies.




 Blogging Tip #1 Comment on Other Peoples blog

You know the golden rule, Do onto others what you want done to you, this is basically it. You comment on other peoples blog and the blogger might comment back on your blog. (: Beside we can all work on commenting, right?

This also gets you into the blogging world and you can share your thoughts, make friends. Commenting is a very important part of the blogospere.

A quick note, I don’t have to much of a problem with people asking for me to check out their blog (I’ll do that whether or not they ask) but I know other bloggers might. So it would probably best to just add your blog link if you really want to do something like that.

Blogging Tip#2 Provide Conversation

Like I said comments are a very important thing in the blogging world. I mean people are taking 5 min out of there day to share there thoughts about your thoughts. And why else would you want followers without comments.

Something I like to do is add questions at the end of the post for people to answer. Makes commenting a whole lot easier for your followers.

Blogging Tip #3 Link Up to those Link-Ups

Link-Up’s, Blog Chains, memes… These are awesome ways for you to find other blogs and for people to find you. Plus it gives you another thing to post. (:

Here are some Link-Ups for those who are new to the blogging world

Teens Can Write Too Blog Chain

Beautiful People

And here is a list of a bunch more

Blogging Tip #4 Decide What Your going to blog about

You guys would probably think it would be really strange if I posted a OOTD post (Outfit of The Day) I do like fashion but that’s not what my blog is about. My blog is about writing, and books, and sharing a bit of my farm life while I do it.

The same is with yours. Most of the time it would be best to blog about similar things. Key word is most of the time. (Like if your blog is a vlogging type of blog etc)

And last but certainly not least

Blogging Tip #5 Write for you

Yes it’s nice for to get tons of followers but who are you writing for? For your followers yes but it is your blog. Not the worlds blog which you are a ghost writer for. It is your blog. So if writing a post once a week works better for you then every single day, then so be it.  Yes you might get more followers righting more often but like is said (and i say this sounding like a broken record) It’s your blog.

Blogging really is just you sharing a piece of you and your thoughts and people reading it.  So just write as if your talking to someone about your topic and you voice will just spill out like a cup filled with too much smoothie.


I hope that provided a nice visual (:



So what do you blog about? What’s your favorite part about blogging? Do you have any blogging tips?

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10 thoughts on “Blogging Tips

  1. Thank you for the advice. Sometimes I worry about how many followers I have but then I realize that the content is much more important. When you write from your heart eventually everything else falls together.


  2. Cait

    I LOVE THESE TIPS. And I totally agree with them! ^-^ I think providing conversation and being available to chat is a huge deal for bloggers…I mean it’s kinda boring to blog if no one’s talking to you right?! SO YES. These tips = golden. And linkups are a fabulously good way to meet people. (Thanks for mentioning mine!!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mithrril

    Great tips! I agree completely. I think the two most important things to do to work towards a successful blog is to comment & socialize and participate in memes. The best way to make friends and get people to also visit your blog is definitely visit other blogs. And memes (not too many that they overrun everything, in my opinion) are the main reason I have any followers!

    Enjoying yourself is the best advice at all though.

    Vicarious Caytastrophe

    Liked by 1 person

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