NaNoWriMo Yeah or Nay



Hey ponies!

It’s time for another discussion.


Myself I personally love NaNoWriMo. I haven’t actually won yet *wipes tear* but I plan to win this July. (But I planed to win April and…)

Let’s go through some pros and cons


  • NaNoWriMo really kicks you in the butt to write. I mean they even have a  contract for you.
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  • You get to meet other writers. In the Camp NaNoWriMo you’re placed in a cabin with a bunch of other writers. It so nice to tell each other how your failing on your novel. Makes you feel better about yourself and you aren’t the worlds most horrible writer. There are also forms in the November NaNo were you can meet other writers.
  • If you win you get to shove it in everyone face if you want to. Or you can do it the Canadian way and just stick a ‘Winner!’ button on your blog/Facebook etc. ( Does anyone get that )

But alas there are also cons


  • Burnout y’all! Ever single flippin’ time at the end of every NaNoWriMo… I just don’t want to write. And it’s hard to start writing again because it’s pretty sad that you were pumping out 2k a day and now your barely squeaking out 100 a day. On a good day…
  • It takes alot of time. You got school, chores, and a bunch of other stuff that you need to do. Sometimes there is just never time for writing…
  • And if you lose its the end of the world. On Nov 30 2014,  I just felt like a failure because I din’t finish my novel. I even cried. *gasp* *ponies gasp* *Stephen Harper gasps*

But even with all the con’s I am a  NaNoWriMo-er to the grave.


What about you? Do enjoy NaNoWriMo? Any pros and cons did I miss? Have many times have you done NaNoWriMo? What is your favorite part about NaNoWriMo. Or if you don’t like or participate in NaNoWriMo, how come?



15 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Yeah or Nay

  1. I do enjoy NaNoWriMo, but Camp NaNoWriMo is the real MVP. 🙂 I have such wonderful cabin members and we’re always in the same cabin come every Camp NaNo session. Our cabin is really active and there is almost always someone there to help with a word war or just chat to offer motivation and encouragement, and it’s made Camp NaNo so much more fun than the November version. If you don’t have a cabin to join, you are certainly most welcome to join ours since we have a few spots left. I agree with you that the pros outweigh the cons of NaNo. I definitely get burnt out at the end of NaNo and do end up losing motivation for a little bit because my creative well feels spent, but the motivation to get a ton of words out during one month is too great to pass up. Good luck this July!

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    1. I know. I love the cabins in Camp NaNoWriMo. That’s sounds so much fun in your cabin. I also like how you can chose your word count in Camp NaNo.
      I would’ve loved to be in your cabin but I already go placed in one.
      Thanks and good luck to you as well (:


  2. I haven’t done NaNoWriMo yet but I always plan to! I hope some year that I’ll get to it. The problem is that I’m so busy with work and chores and my blog that it’s hard to fit it in. I also need to really buckle down and get my outline, character sheets, etc. written up. Plus it’s just a daunting idea! But I really want to do it! I have a novel idea that I’ve been kicking around since I was in elementary school. 😛


    1. Life can get in the way of things.
      There is a lot of prep in writing. I find if I don’t prep enough that the story eventually just stops moving and is gets boring.
      You should totally write that story. And what would be even cooler is if that book got published…
      But chores sadly always come first in this life. ):


  3. I participated for the first and only time (so far) in 2013. I loved the experience! I agree with your pros and cons. It definitely pushes you, in good ways and bad. It gives you a goal everyday and an end goal. But it is very draining. I personally loved the word sprints on Twitter. Without those, I may not have done as well as I did! I did win, but my last day I had to really push myself due to slacking off on previous days (I wrote over 12,000 words that last day to make the goal!). It was a great experience, though. Not sure if I would have written that story without NaNoWriMo, honestly.

    Good luck to you and your writing! 🙂

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    1. Thanks.
      Wow that’s a ton of words I’ve never wrote that much in one day.
      I’ve never done a Twitter sprint but I’ve done word wars and they are such good motivators to help write. (:
      Good luck to you as well (:


    1. Thanks. (:
      If your entering if your every want to send me a message (for a word war or something) my account name is riachl.
      Good luck for with your writing.


  4. I’ve never participated in NaNoWiMo, however I did force myself to push through the first draft of my novel. I’m a perpetual re-reader. I’ll re-read the same page a thousand times and never finish a book. So I had to just PUSH through it and finish a first draft. However, I feel like NaNoWiMo would be INCREDIBLY stressful for someone like me. X-D

    US Lifestyle Blog //

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    1. I know how that feels. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that it’s a rough draft.
      It’s not as bad for me though as I’m no a perfectionist. I’ll just toss something together and come back to it later.

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  5. It always comes at a terrible time for me. November and December are just too busy to even contemplate. I am lucky if my house doesn’t fall apart around me and work would never let me off during that time to go hang out with others to write.
    All, to me, the idea of trying to push out an entire book in a month, for most writers will equal a subpar novel. Maybe for a short novella but those aren’t my thing to read or write. So either way, for me, NaNoWriMo just doesn’t seem to be the thing to do.

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    1. With Christmas and Thanksgiving it’s absolutely hectic!
      NaNoWriMo isn’t’ for everyone. I know some writers will write it slowly and steady. (And as everyone knows the turtle did win the race)


    1. Same here. My novel from last NaNo I din’t finish and it’s still sitting there… But I also will finish it! (One day…)
      Burnout is the worst, isn’t it. I hate it.
      Happy Writing!


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