Liebster Award (Second time ’round)


Sup ponies,



So I’m back! Before I went on a blogging break I was tagged once again by Heather @ Sometime’s I’m a Story (Thank you!) for the Liebster Award. (Does anyone know how you pronounce that?)

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Hey Ponies…

Hey Ponies…

So life is being really busy and sorta stressful right now.
We’re moving, school ending soon, we have to sell the goats…I just don’t have time to blog…
I don’t know when I’ll be back but I won’t be too long.
I hope…


Blogging Tips

look upinto the stars.


The other day I got a comment on one of my post

Screenshot (40)


Me when I read the comment


I thought is would be easier to do that in a post

Read on dear ponies.



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Camp NaNoWriMo: aka what I did all month

Vantage Points

Hi Ponies!

How are you? I’m fabulous, thank you very…much…



Yeah, I kinda disappeared from the face of the blogospere for two weeks.

But I have reasons! Which I’ll tell you in the Weekly-Wrap up which I swear will be on Saturday. (Ducklings and moving eek!)

I’m thinking about Anne of Green Gables now… (Spoiler: Remember when she and Diana swore to be bosom friends. (-: )

Anyway. Camp NaNo…

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Monday’s Minute Challenge

Writing prompt contest for teens


So I am participating in the Monday’S Minute Challenge.

The prompt I choose is  Write a passage using these items: spark, eyes, dark

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The First Duckling Hatched!

We have been incubating duck eggs and they are due on April 27th


This little guy just hatched and another one is probably going to hatch soon.

I’ll post more as more happens